Thanks for visiting my Reviews page! Here’s a quick background about me and some of my experiences with the stuff I’ll be reviewing.

This page is driven in large part by those who have designed and created the products and games that I have enjoyed over the years. Board game reviews are the area that this site, at least initially, will focus on. If this page has anything like a long term plan, I may eventually be reviewing audio/video equipment, other media (video games, apps, music) and outdoors stuff as well.

As far as my background (for those who care), I like to think about how things work and why they work that way. I like any kind of mental or physical challenge, whether building projections in Excel, grinding through P90X, or mountain biking down a muddy dirt trail. I like exploring and discovering, whether climbing mountains in Alaska or Skyrim. I like creating, whether electronic music, or crafting a Mine safe from Creepers.

Alaskan kayaking by the glaciers...amazing!

Alaskan kayaking by the glaciers…amazing!


So, why board games? 

I’ve always loved board games and have played my typical share of “standard” games while growing up (Battleship, Clue, Sorry, Stratego, Payday, Life, Monopoly, Risk). In 4th grade I asked for and received Axis and Allies, but never had anyone interested in playing such a monolithic title. High school was filled with games of competitive Euchre and Poker.

Then, in late 2011 my wife and I bought our first true Euro-style board game, Ticket to Ride: Europe. Then we bought Dominion. Then two Dominion expansions. Our minds were blown. It turns out that game designers had a lot more up their sleeve than the previous generation of games I was used to. Since then, our steadily growing collection of games has provided countless hours of great times with friends and family.

We feel that experiencing a good game together is one of the more interesting or fun things to spend time doing, and there are tons of options today. We’d like to help point people toward what are really some great games!