Board Game Reviews!

Board Game Reviews

We like lists, especially sortable and searchable lists.  Here are all the full board game reviews that we have completed to date. While video reviews are also great, we appreciate the written kind. If you would like to see the scoring scale and a quick description of the review system, scroll down below the games. Thanks for stopping by!

Or take a look at our comprehensive list of board game reviews at a glance!

GameGenreplayersgameratingamazon reviews
7 WondersStrategy2-7 (3-7)69.1200_7wonders
AgricolaStrategy1-5 (2-3)39.0200_agricola2
BohnanzaStrategy, card2-7 (2-7)78.3200_bohnanza
CarcassonneStrategy, tile-laying2-5 (2-4)88.3200_carcassone2
CashflowStrategy, financial2-6 (2-4)68.1200_cashflow2
Castles of BurgundyStrategy2-4 (2-4)58.2200_castlesofburgundy
Dominion (base set)Strategy2-4 (2-4)78.5200_dominion
Dominion: ProsperityStrategy/Expansion2-4 (2-4)79.0200_dominion_prosperitiy
Forbidden DesertCooperative2-5 (2-5)68.3200_forbidden_desert
Forbidden IslandCooperative2-4 (3-4)87.2200_forbidden_island
the Game of ThingsParty, word4+ (6+)107.3gameofthings
Monopoly DealStrategy, card2-5 (4-5)87.5200_monopoly deal
PandemicCooperative2-4 (2-4)68.7200_pandemic
Pirate’s CoveStrategy3-5 (3-5)77.8400_pirates_cove
Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed IslandCooperative1-4 (1-4)38.6200_robinsoncrusoe
ScattergoriesParty, word2-6 (4-6)96.9200_scattergories
SplendorStrategy2-4 (3-4)88.3200_splendor
Splickety LitParty, word4+ (8+)88.3200_splickety_lit
Steam ParkStrategy2-4 (2-3)77.8200_steampark
Ticket to Ride: EuropeStrategy2-5 (4-5)88.8200_tickettoride
Wise and OtherwiseParty, word2-6 (5+)98.3200_wise_and_otherwise
Wits and Wagers PartyParty, trivia4+ (6+)108.7200_witsandwagers


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