REVIEW – Dominion: Prosperity (expansion)

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Name: Dominion: Prosperity
Publisher: Rio Grande Games
Type: Strategy game, expansion to Dominion
Players: 2-4
Best with: 2-3
Length of Playtime: 25-40 minutes


Give It to Me Quick:  The first expansion you should get for Dominion.  Adds fantastic variety (including the Treasure 5 and Victory Point 10) to an already fantastic game.



Prosperity is the 4th expansion released for the popular deck-building card game, Dominion. Since it is not a standalone game and requires the base set of Dominion (or Intrigue) to play, I will only be reviewing the new mechanics that Prosperity adds.

Take a look at my Dominion review first if you are new to Dominion.


Gameplay Summary

Prosperity adds several new game mechanics by way of 25 new Kingdom cards, and two Basic cards that expand on typical Dominion play:

The Platinum “5” and the Colony “10”. These are the first cards you’ll notice in the Prosperity set. They function exactly as you would imagine. The Platinum card is worth a whopping 5 Treasure points and will drive some huge Treasure hands. What will you buy with these huge hands? Why, the Colony card, of course, which costs 11 Treasure to purchase but is worth 10 Victory points.


Big Money strategy, indeed.


Treasure cards. These function as typical Bronze, Silver, or Gold treasure do but add an “action” of sorts that is done at the time the Treasure card is played in the Buy phase. These actions do not count as a typical Action, so you can play as many as you have in your hand. For example, the Hoard card here is equal to a Silver’s purchasing power, but costs the equivalent of a typical Gold treasure. Why would you want to do that? Why, because any time you purchase a Victory card when the Hoard is in play, you gain a free Gold.




There are eight of these special Treasure cards in the Dominion: Prosperity set and really define the Prosperity expansion.


Say hello to  huge Treasure hands.

Say hello to huge Treasure hands.

Victory tokens. These tokens allow you to acquire Victory points outside of the standard Victory cards in your hand. Certain cards in the Prosperity set will give you these tokens to be held on your handy personal Victory point mat.

Yet another strategy to try.

Yet another strategy to try.


You’ll quickly learn to love, or hate the Goons card, which is basically a superpowered Militia.

+1 Buy, and a Victory token. You won't buy Militia again. (unless you only have 4 copper)

+1 Buy, and a Victory token. You won’t buy Militia again. (unless you only have 4 copper)


Trade Route. When in play, the Trade Route card starts by placing a coin token (included in this expansion) on each Victory card supply pile. Once a Victory card is purchased during the game, the coin token is moved to the included Trade Route mat and the Trade Route Treasure value increases accordingly.

Becomes +3 Treasure in the late game. Not too shabby.

Becomes +3 Treasure in the late game. Not too shabby.

Other Notable Cards

We would be remiss to mention King’s Court, which allows you to play a single action card 3 times (!). If you’re any sort of Dominion player, I’m sure you can imagine what this can do to games.

I'm sure this card was created in a "What would happen if we..." moment.

I’m sure this card was created in a “What would happen if we…” moment.


Peddler looks tame at first, until you realize that you can purchase it for cheap and trash it for high.

You'll come up with all kinds of fun strategies with this card.

You’ll come up with all kinds of fun strategies with this card.


Speaking of trashing, Bishop is a fantastic early game card that’s a lot of fun to use.

Trash a card plus gain victory tokens. Works well with Peddler.

Trash a card plus gain victory tokens. Works well with Peddler.

Our Positives

Prosperity adds all kinds of interesting tweaks to Dominion. The main theme is Money, and lots of it. You’ll consistently have more Treasure in your hand, and be presented with more interesting ways to use Treasure with the included actions.

It’s not all Treasure, though; there’s many other interesting Action cards included, not least of which is the over-the-top King’s Court card. There are several Expand/Forge type cards which create other ways of acquiring Victory cards. There are several cards which gain Victory tokens to be held outside the hand. There are cards that change in value as the game progresses, a Reaction card to defend against Militia/Goons, an upgraded Grand Market which can’t be purchased with any Copper in play, and a Talisman card which can quickly hasten the end of a game by rushing through Kingdom piles.

Some of the later Dominion expansions get wordy in the descriptions on the cards and require some reading to decipher what to do; these Prosperity cards are relatively straightforward and simple. Show someone new the basic Dominion set, and then jump right into this one.


Our Negatives

I really can’t think of any. If you don’t like Dominion anyway, this expansion might actually make you like it more. And that’s not a negative. Hey, I tried.


Final Summary

We hardly play a game of Dominion now without having some Prosperity cards in it. If you’re going to buy only one expansion (though, you would be missing out), Prosperity should be it.  Prosperity gives base set Dominion the kick that it needs and ups the replay value exponentially.

This expansion is for: Dominion

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          • - Incredible replay value
          • - Lots of different mechanics included in this expansion


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