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We love playing games here and want to help point people in the right direction to get something they like. We know that in selecting the next game to buy, sometimes even a short obscure line in a review can sway you one way or another. We want to create as many of those helpful tips as we can.

As far as summarizing the review, a numeric score will be given, but it is not meant in the sense that a 8.5 is “better” for you than a 8.3, or even a 7.5.  For example, we realize that someone who can’t stand cooperative games (we know several) will disagree with anything higher than a 5 on those games. We will remain consistent.


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Paragraph style review

An Introduction and Gameplay Summary will be used along with discussions on How Many Players and our Positive and Negative impressions. A Final Summary written as a stream of final thoughts on the game will complete the written part of the review.


Accessibility (“is it…”)

A review of the game will be done for four distinct categories:

35_party for a Party Could you break this game out at a party? (and succeed)
casual Casual Interesting for the casual Monopoly/Clue typical game player?
35_competitive Competitive Does the game scratch the competitive itch, usually in conflict between the players?
35_strategy Strategic Is it interesting for the strategic player?


Clickbait Numeric style

Each game will also be rated from 1-10, based on the following four categories of equal weight. The overall game score will be an average of these four categories.

Replayability – How long before the game overstays its welcome?
Engagement – How engaged is the player throughout the game? Long periods of waiting for others to take their turn will drive this down.
Game Mechanics – How does the game play? Are there obvious flaws/annoyances? Is there something especially clever about how the game progresses?
Theme/Fun – The concept of the game, “what you do.” The typical “fun factor” will also affect this category.

Note: An Accessibility score (how easy it is to pick up and play) will replace Game Mechanics for Party games.


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