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Splickety LitName: Splickety Lit
Publisher: marbles: the brain store
Type: Party game, word game
Players: 4 +
Best with: 8 +
Length of Playtime: 30-45 minutes


Give It to Me Quick: Splickety Lit is a great first party game of the night for groups who are up for something that requires a bit of brainpower. Easy to explain theme based on spoonerisms, and hilarious to play.



Good amount of cards included. Has lasted us 20-30 games so far and we’re nowhere near running out.


Gameplay Summary

Splickety Lit is a party/group game based on spoonerisms. A spoonerism is apparently a term for switching the beginning sounds of a pair of matching words. For example, Ford Mustang becomes Mord Fustang, or Dallas Cowboys becomes Callas Dowboys.

Players divide into two teams (you’ll need at least 4 players). Teams alternate rolling the die, and players alternate within the teams as well.

Two types of rounds are on the die:

Rattle Bound (Battle Round): Two players face off, head to head, with the choice of player based on a set of cards.
Beam Tattle (Team Battle): Both teams and all players face off.  Otherwise known as, the best way to play.

After the dice is rolled and the type of round is determined, the designated player reads the question on the card. An example of a question might be:


Question: “Who are the craped koosader and his sustry tridekick?”

(As you can see, the players first have to figure out what the question is, and then they have to answer in the same fashion):

Answer: Ratman and Bobbin


The first player to correctly shout out the answer, as determined by the reader, wins the round. The team with the correct answer then moves their “Pame Geese” (game piece shaped like a geese) on the board the number rolled on the die. Rinse and repeat, moving from “Fart” to “Stinish” on the game board.

Rolling a 6. Once someone rolls a 6, the white middle sectionof the board spins 180 degrees, taking anyone on it with it. Suddenly, the team one turn away from winning has a lot more ground to cover and the team behind stages an incredible comeback–way to be lucky!

Yes, you do go from "Fart" to "Stinish."

Yes, you do go from “Fart” to “Stinish.”


How many players is it best with?

The more the better, within reason. The 4+ listed on the box is understated. You really need at least 8 players to get the most out of this game. The largest group we’ve played with is 12 (mixed ages, from 20 to 55), and that worked very well. Some of the questions require some thought, and having a lot of players keeps the game moving.


Our Positives

We do like word games in our groups, and Splickety Lit is a great one of these which requires some mental gymnastics. Half of the fun is laughing at the ridiculous things that you’ll be saying with exuberance and sincerity. We’ve played this game with college groups, adults, and family Christmas parties, and is guaranteed laughter if everyone is up for it.

It takes a few rounds to get used to every time you pull it out, but the questions are so varied that “slower” players can still pick up points for their team if they simply know the trivia question that others don’t.

The board spinning around on a rolled “6” and potentially swapping player positions is a fun twist that fits the game’s mood perfectly.


Our Negatives

Not really a fault of the game, but sometimes players get frustrated with the mental brainwork required to play this game, especially when some people just seem born to talk backwards. This isn’t something you can play while checked out for the night.

Battle Rounds (the one on one battles) probably should be one less face of the die, to make it slightly less likely to roll these. Sometimes in our games we do Team Battles the whole time, as everyone stays involved that way.








35_party for a Party Yes, absolutely. Especially with a creative group looking for something new.
casual Casual Yes, though requires some brainpower.
35_competitive Competitive Yes, for everyone engaged with the concept.
35_strategy Strategic Not really the point in this game. Not a bad thing!


Final Thoughts on Splickety Lit

We’ve played probably twenty-five games, and are nowhere near through all the cards. It’s as fun the first time as the last time. You do need to take a break between sessions, though. 50% of the time, all players on both teams are competing every time at the same time. And the other 50% of the time (Battle Rounds), you’ll be laughing at the stupid things that you or someone else on your team are saying. The gameplay is really just an excuse to twist your brain into knots and say ridiculous things. The game box is nice and compact; easy to transport. The spoonerism premise of the game is the game. And it’s a lot of fun. Check out the link below to see where you can get it!


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Splickety Lit











          • - Feels fresh every time you play it
          • - Lots of engagement; all players involved on just about every turn
          • - The basic theme of the game is the game. And it's a lot of fun.


          • - Sometimes frustrating for some to keep up.

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