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the Game of ThingsName: the Game of Things
Publisher: Patch Products
Type: Party
Players: 4+
Best with: 6+
Length of Playtime: 15-25 minutes per round



Give it to Me Quick: Easy, fun, and accessible to literally everyone, the Game of Things is just about the simplest game concept you could imagine. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to be as creative or as boring as you want to be. Excels with creative groups, but only in a party setting.

A deck of cards and some answer sheets. In a nice box, don’t forget the box.


Gameplay Summary

In the Game of Things, each turn the “reader” will draw a card and read it out loud, which might say something like: “Things that everyone should try.” Each player will then write their answer on their slip of paper and turn it back to the reader. The reader will shuffle the answers and read each answer aloud. Moving around the circle, players will get one guess to try to match an answer to the other players in the game. If they get it correct, they get another guess.

Answer the question...guess who said what. That's the game. Told you it was simple.

Answer the question…guess who said what. That’s the game. Told you it was simple.

Once a player is matched correctly to what they wrote, they are eliminated from the round. Play continues around the circle until there is only one player left. The winner is technically the player with the most points after a pre-determined number of rounds, but this is one of those games where the fun is in playing the game, not really trying to win.


How many players is it best with?

The box says up to six players, but this is one of those party games where you will stretch that number. We’ve played with 8 several times, and with 11 a few times; you just need to add a few more pieces of paper to make that work.

I really can’t imagine playing this game with less than six; it seems that it would be profoundly boring with just a few players. The whole point of the game is the fun variety you’ll get with the answers, and if you’re playing with just a handful, it would feel like a “get to know me” date. With less than six players, Dixit or even Wise and Otherwise are miles better as a party game.


Our Positives

The Game of Things, like Wits and Wagers, is accessible to literally everyone. We’ve played games with players from 20-60 yrs. old, including non-native English speakers. Perfect for a party, though it’s not quite as easy to manage as Apples to Apples.

With a creative group, it can be especially good. The cards with the “Things…” prompts are interesting and can spark some fun responses. You can play the game as seriously or as wittily as you like, though be careful how seriously you play it (see below). It’s fun to see players surprise their spouses or SOs with their answers and no doubt create conversations on the drive home.


Our Negatives

If the Game of Things is played literally, it’s not as fun since it’s usually very obvious which player said what.

Additionally, some of the questions can create situations where a player might inadvertently share something personal or hurt someone’s feelings. For example, in one of our games the prompt was: “Things that are a waste of time.” One of the answers someone wrote down was—you guessed it–something that a younger couple enjoyed doing very much. Cringe humor at its best (worst?). Normally this would be hilarious, but because of the nature of this game you may be playing with family at a rare game night and trying to avoid these sort of judgmental situations. Doesn’t happen often, but be aware of it.

Are your parents in the group? How brave are you?

Are your parents in the group? How brave are you?

If you guess wrong while playing with a big group, you really screwed up since it’s going to take a while for your turn to come around again.  You’ll also run into the classic “okay, please read them all again!” or “okay, who’s left?” questions over and over as well. At that point it becomes a memory game to remember what all the answers were.

In buying this game, you’ll really just buying the card prompts. They’re certainly interesting, but there aren’t as many included as you would expect.








35_party for a Party Yes, and only for a party.
casual Casual Yes, for sure.
35_competitive Competitive A very competitive player will pretty much ruin this game. Tone it down for that round of Apples to Apples later.
35_strategy Strategic More meta-strategy than anything else. You’ll have inside jokes or personalities to read.


Final Thoughts on the Game of Things

The Game of Things is one of those party games, like Telestrations, which can be created by yourself with a piece of paper and pen. All you would need to do would be to come up with some interesting leading prompts. Knowing that, then, is it worth picking up the physical game that really just comes with some cards, tiny pencils, and paper? I think yes, as long as you find it for relatively cheap and don’t want to spend the time creating prompts yourself.

The name of the game here is simple; introduce this at a party and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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the Game of Things











          • - Accessible to everyone
          • - Quick and easy to explain
          • - Works well with very large groups


          • - Could create this game yourself
          • - Once eliminated from a round, be prepared to wait

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