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Wits and Wagers: PartyName: Wits and Wagers Party
Publisher: North Star Games
Type: Party game
Players: 4+
Best with: 6+
Length of Playtime: 25 minutes


Give It to Me Quick: Wits and Wagers: Party is a great party game for large groups. It’s a trivia game based on numbers with no need to know the exact answer. You’ll be guessing numbers, trying to get closest without going the answer. Then you’ll vote for which player(s) you think are closest,



How many bathrooms are in the White House? Unless you claim 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as your residence (and maybe even then), you probably don’t know. Wits and Wagers is a party game based on trivia questions like this, where every answer is always a number, whether a date, a length, a percentage, or a count.

What you get.

What you get.

Gameplay Summary

Wits and Wagers requires no setup time. Each player or team receives a dry erase card on which to write their answers and two voting tokens. In the first round, the reader reads the question on one of the provided question cards (the reader also participates in the game since they don’t see the answer). Each player writes on their answer card and turns in their answer face down. After all players have answered, the answer cards are turned over and arranged from smallest to largest.
Player cards have some fun personality.

Player cards have fun personality.

Players then vote with their voting tokens for which answer they think is the closest, without going “over” the correct answer, the Price is Right style. Players can vote for anyone’s answer that they want to, including their own if they still feel that theirs is correct. In case all the numbers are too large, a “1” answer in the form of an Elvis impersonator card is always on the table.

Anyone can answer, anyone can guess!

Anyone can answer, anyone can guess!

After all players have voted, the correct answer is revealed. The player with the closest answer (without going over) written on their card wins a poker chip. Anyone else who voted for that answer also wins a chip. The round is complete. The poker chips accumulate throughout the first six rounds of the game, until the seventh round when players again vote for the correct answer, but can also vote with their poker chips they received throughout the game.

The player/team with the most chips at the end of the game wins.


How many players is it best with?

The box says 4+, but you really want to get to at least six. Wits and Wagers handles large parties extremely well. We’ve played with 10-12 players before where players also team up into six players, and that works great — maybe even better than having six players on their own. You get a lot of banter amongst teams and also between teams with a lot of players.


Our Positives

Wits and Wagers is the most accessible party game I’ve ever played — anyone can play, anyone can win, it takes thirty seconds to learn, and there are no theme/concept explanations that get in the way. Even if you have no idea what the answer is (i.e. What % of Americans have been to Alaska?), anyone can give a close guess. Then, after seeing all the answers, you can either go all in on your own or hedge your bets across several different answers.

The game moves very quickly — fast enough to play two full games back to back while still feeling fresh. It leaves plenty of room for banter, bluffing, and bravado: we’ve seen all three in many different game groups.

The seventh round adds a great twist where a player who might be behind can catch up by landing a huge windfall at the end if they can bet their chips correctly.


Our Negatives

The game actually works better if no one really knows the answer. It’s not as fun when everyone knows that someone knows the answer and votes for that response. Thankfully, most of the questions are obscure enough that you’ll get a wide range of guesses.

On a few occasions we’ve played, someone (typically a spouse who isn’t playing the game) will try to participate by looking up the answers on their phone and making comments that they think are innocuous, but actually can shape answers.








35_party for a Party Easiest party game for a large group to learn and play.
casual Casual Of course.
35_competitive Competitive Yes, some groups we’ve played with have gotten extremely competitive.
35_strategy Strategic Not really the point, but the last round has some fun bluffing and “hedge your bets” decisions.


Final Thoughts on Wits and Wagers: Party

Wits and Wagers is one of those games that you wonder why it took so long for someone to package such a simple concept. It works so well with groups because it’s easy to pair up with someone else and agree over a number, verses a lot of modern party games which are based on “what you think” or a word or phrase answer. We’ve played in groups from ages 15 to 55, and group sizes from 6 to 12, and it’s always fun for all. Very easy to roll into “just one more” game.

Granted, you could technically create your own Wits and Wagers game armed with Wikipedia and some custom player cards, but the game appearance is bright, colorful, and interesting. You still may consult Wikipedia to create some new question cards when the question cards run out. Our dry erase markers that came with have long since dried out.

As far as I’m concerned, a must have for parties where games break out.


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Wits and Wagers Party











          • - Ultimate party game
          • - Anyone can play, anyone can win
          • - Plays quickly


          • - Not many - questions and dry erase markers will run out quicker than you want

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